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Bright Blessings!

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Thank you all so much for your wonderful support and I’m sending you much love in return. 


This is what you need to know: Eight Of Wands This is a sign that optimism and adventure are just around the corner. A message is coming your way so be prepared for a letter, phone call or conversation that opens up an opportunity for you. Great momentum is at hand.   

This is what you need to do: Queen Of Wands It is okay to be impulsive. You can be bold, or even down right brazen! Don’t shy away from competition. Pursue your heart’s desire and move quickly.

This is what you need to avoid:Three Of Pentacles You are held in high esteem. Creative guidance from knowledgeable sources is important, however avoid coordinating your efforts with others at this time if it requires a slow process.   

Note: These readings are not date specific so please feel free to take a look back at previous readings that may resonate for you. 

Synchronicity will bring you the reading you need at the right time.

The Morgan-Greer Tarot by Bill Greer and Lloyd Morgan

Love and light,