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Powerful Intuitive Tarot Card Readings.

During a reading I connect with my intuition to give you the best guidance possible. I am not just reading the cards in the traditional sense but connecting to intuition on a higher level to inform and enhance your reading. I am able to use the tarot for divination, prediction, direction and guidance. I can assist with any specific question you may have, along with the common themes of love, finance, career, health and life purpose as well as general outlooks. During your reading I may utilise several different card layouts, tarot decks and possibly oracle cards depending on the question at hand and the intuitive guidance given to me.

Tarot, Katy’s Way

Iuse Tarot in every aspect of my life. Tarot is a part of the living energy originating from the Divine in which everything and everyone is connected. The Tarot informs and empowers you to steer your life towards your highest good.The tarot can help you to decide on the most suitable course of action and it can show hidden agendas and solutions you may have previously overlooked. The Tarot does not take away free will or your ability to make the best choices for yourself and it certainly doesn’t predict a fixed unchanging future. Every human being has free will and we are always able to change the path we are on. The Tarot is like a light that illuminates the path you are on guiding you on your journey . A Tarot reading gives information, however ultimately only you decide your fate through your choice of action.

The Universal Web

When I read the Tarot my intuition takes the lead. Before each reading I centre myself and connect to my authentic inner self which activates my intuitive mind. While reading the tarot I am linking in to the universal web of energy that connects all people and all things. I weave through the possible meaning of the cards filtering them through my intuition. This process proves very insightful and often the deeper meaning and message the cards have for you shines through. Often during consultations divine messages from spirit will come through directly meant for my client. These messages are always for my clients highest good and I dont hesitate to relay them. All messages hold the vibration of love and light.

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