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    Sarah Frost

    A lovely gentle reading containing great accuracy about my past and present situation - with hope and guidance for my near future. I really enjoyed it and it has encouraged me to continue to be patient as I heal but also to appreciate myself for how far I have come acting on my own inner guidance. Thank you Katy

    Siobhann Houston

    I really enjoyed my reading from Katy, I discovered her on Youtube and was drawn to her for some reason. Like I knew i was going to receive a reading from her. Im still strying to dissect the reading, breaking it down piece by piece. Sometimes you just got to watch somethng over and over again because you probably missed something. I'm trying to start my own spiritual journey and this has helped me. Thank you Katy

    Payton Young

    This reading was gentle, calming, reflective, wise, uplifting, positive, and had such great clarity within each card Katy has chosen for my reading.

    Each card had its own reading and meaning, just for me. Katy has reflected on these tarot cards that spirit and angels have had her specifically pick out for me. Each card Katy had chosen was detailed and perfectly resonated with my current situation.

    With her loving aura, and surrounded by pure love, pure light, Katy has given me the guidance I searched upon days ago.

    With her loving gratitude, I can now live in harmony, peace and loving light, without fear, all by trusting in the divine energy and the help of my spirit guides, and of course my physical and spiritual plane.

    Each card resonated very well, especially how my spirit guides communicate with me in lucid dreams. I knew one of my chakras werenโ€™t aligned and held some type of energy. Katy gave me clarity on which chakra it was and rooted it straight down to what was affecting my chakra, fear.

    Thanks to Katy, for her ongoing YouTube readings. If you would like weekly guidance, I suggest going to her YouTube channel, and for more detailed guidance, this is the best place you will ever be.


    Thank you so much Katy for this reading. I had 3 major questions I wanted answers to and I got them (spot on). It was extremely accurate and Iโ€™m so happy for this guidance. I will definitely be back for another reading. I feel much lighter now knowing what steps to take and most of all to just be patient and trust the divine timing.

    Thank you once more. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Alicia Pyfrom

    I want to thank Katy so much for this amazing reading. She answered all of my questions thoroughly and I felt the energy within the read. Katy reassure me that the things I have done work on is keeping me on track and helped me understand what I need to focus on now in order to stay on track. This reading brought me so much peace and made me realize I am getting more aligned within myself because everything I felt she said without me even mentioning it to her. Thank you so much Katy! I truly appreciate everything that you do!


    It took me a long time to finally write a testimonial to Katy. She has done a few readings for me and they were so accurate! It Always gave me the right guidance and calmed my mind. I am definitely going to order another reading soon. ๐Ÿ™‚


    I have been waited to test out the results all along before I write this review . I believed in Tarot but didnโ€™t get the right person to connect with me. I had been following her YouTube for 6 months before I had decided to give it a shot. Wow! She is beyond amazing and I couldnโ€™t believe it was 98% spot on even on the hardest part concerning timeframe!!!! Iโ€™m speechless ! Highly recommended to those who needs to regain a sense of direction and also through your crafting of your own questions u will understand more about what you want in life! Good luck to all and had already recommend my friends๐Ÿ˜˜


    Ultimately, I did not get the message I wanted. Thatโ€™s why this reading was so perfect. She didnโ€™t tell me what I wanted to hear, she simply relayed the message from the spirits. She hit the nail in the head about everything, which blows my mind. I wanted a fairytale ending, a forever after with my specific person, but, at the end, looks like this relationship is not really in the cards for me. Iโ€™m not giving up, Iโ€™m just going to slow down and listen to my intuition and maybe even start preparing to let go. I am an amateur card reader and could easily follow her reading and she was just on point. I even learned a thing or two. Again, not the outcome I dreamed about, but clarity and honesty wins the day. I recommend Katy to anyone who wants a REAL reading.

    Kunal Goyal

    Very insightful and intuitive reading. All my queries / concerns were addressed beautifully and in totality. I feel more confident and clear about things which had been confusing me for a while.

    Jessica Dias

    I am still in shock at how spot on the reading was. I look forward to Katy's general readings every week and having my own private reading has given me so much clarity and comfort. She was able to tune in to my energy so quickly and directly. I highly recommend having a private reading with Katy.

    Taseanti Bailey

    She was amazing! She basically cleared up stuff I already knew and needed confirmation on... I will be getting another reading on my birthday (in 6months)

    Emma Shrubb

    Really pleased with my reading. It resonated so much. You are right in that I feel something is coming. My intuition has been telling me so.
    Thank you


    Wow, thank you Katy! The reading was spot on and I got some much needed clarity.

    Darren Luhrs

    Thank You so much Katy for the Beautiful reading I really enjoyed it! Hopefully the Stars will bless me and I will reach my goals and my will come ture!

    Thank you so much again for the video!

    Darren Luhrs

    Maria walker

    I loved this reading,Katy did this reading spot on,I recommend her to anyone,shes brilliant.

    Paula Lansford

    Katy's reading was excellent. She picked up on all the struggles I am going through and gives me hope and guidance for the future.


    Thank you so much Katy for giving me insight in my current situation, in a kind and clear way. I listened to your reading again and again. It is giving me support and hope in this challenging times. Thank you so much! Love from Belgium, Soetkin

    Tora Troop

    Thank you so much! Everything served as wonderful reminders/affirmations from Spirit in ways that felt True, Genuine and necessary. Thank you for helping me get more clarity on my situation.

    Megan Swanberg

    Thank you for the clarification of my love life! It hit hard but it was point on and felt it all come together. I will be reaching out again for more readings. Thanks again.

    Holly Brown

    Thank you, for sharing your gift with me. I too have gifts but Iโ€™m just beginning to to acknowledge them. My insecurity (fear) is getting in the way. I know this and I am working on my fears and many other things. I needed help seeing through my fears and confirmation. I hope that makes sense. During this time of solitude I have been working hard and you have been a huge help. Iโ€™m thankful and appreciative of you!


    Lovely reading thank you Katy. I look forward to what ever is coming around the corner. I appreciate the advice given. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

    Manoj A Mathew

    Thank you so much for the beautiful insights.... they are definitely enlightening and reinforcing.... you definitely have a loving way of interpreting each card and situation....
    love and light....
    remain blessed....

    Tamara Stojanovic

    I just got a recorded reading from Katy Tarot and what a gift. Just like her excellent Youtube reading but one just for me. How special and personal that felt!
    The reading was very on point with Katy (as guided by spirit) being able to tune into exactly where I was in my life and perceive the hidden issues that I was only vaguely aware of but Katy bringing them out was extremely helpful.
    The reading was encouraging and optimistic and also very informative and instructive in helping me to unfold the path I am treading with more awareness and love.
    Listening to the reading and looking at the cards inspired me to look into Reiki as the next possible path for me and I am excited about exploring this path further.
    I enjoyed Katy's discerning and warm communication style and definitely recommend her if you are thinking about a private reading. I will certainly be back.

    Lynne Hanning

    Thank you Katy for reading the tarot cards for me. You have helped me feel more confident in my journey forward with my family, finances and love life. Hearing about my children and their journeys was one of my biggest concerns and you have made me feel that all will be well. Again, thank you.

    Anna Doll

    Dear Katy, Thank you so so much for the beautiful reading!!!You are truly amazing, I wish you great joy in all areas of life and
    great health, of course !!!
    With much love, Yours Anna xxxxxxx

    Christina Tomblin

    You are truly blessed and amazing! Everything is so well structured and clear. I can't thank you enough for giving us insight on our life path.
    May God bless you! Xxx


    Katy has done three reading for me. I always turn to her when feeling confused or needing an affirmation.

    Her readings have a good structure and are easy to understand and to receive the message you need to hear. If something needs an explanation, she responds and clarifies quickly.

    Her general readings on YouTube are super great too! I am always excited when she posts them.

    I am sure I will return to her. She is my ultimate favorite.

    Lots of love x


    Deep Ghatak

    Excellent reading and guidance. God bless!

    Rachel Earle

    Lovely reading... Very strong messages and clarity.
    Would definitely recommend katy for a reading !!

    Jenni Phillips

    The most incredible reading, accurate and so beautifully delivered.
    It really helped with clarity and reassurance, and a difficult time where there is a lot going on..
    Thank you so much Katy.
    Sending you love and light


    Amazing reading!!! She was on point with my reading and my questions! I also loved her calming voice I would Definitely recommend to have a private reading with Katy!!

    Thank you for a beautiful reading!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Thank you so much Katy! That reading was very much on point and extremely accurate. I for sure will come back to you in the future!

    Deep G

    Thanks a bunch for the wonderful reading and guidance, Katy. I needed some very specific guidance on an important matter and was glad that the reading supported my intuition. Love and blessings!


    An amazing reading from Katy. So much clarity and elevation. Thank you so much. Loved your reading and insight. Lots of love and regards.

    Camila V

    Fantastic reading. It was clarifying through all the confusion. Gave me a great sense of hope and was very clear on how I am feeling. I will definitely continue my readings every month.

    Robert Bower

    "I be back" thank you for my reading Katy it was good to know I'm not only protected by Arch Angels but also have their guidance when asked for...spot on reading!


    Very informative and it resonated with what Iโ€™m experiencing currently. Thanks Katy!

    Elise Bisset

    Five celestial stars for my reading from Katy. Very precise and informative Just what i needed thank you so much i will booking another very soon.

    Subrata Biswas

    Thank You so much for your guidance . Very insightful and positive reading. Thank you again. I will book another one soon.

    Lucia P

    Wow. Your reading is spot on. My love life has been . . . . distressful lol. Also, I have an autoimmune issue that is helped greatly by eating healthy. Iโ€™ve had a hard time making that adjustment. Honestly, giving up candy and bread has been harder than my shitty love life. I do need to trust myself more & listen to my intuition. I both want to open up my intuition and yet I fear it. There seems to be alot of responsibility with being aware. Almost as if making poor choices when you KNOW itโ€™s a poor choice is worse than simply making a poor choice. Iโ€™ve recently started journaling and I am trying to meditate. Thank you for the reading. I will take it as validation that yes I really do need to give up ALL the stuff that I know is bad for me to eat. That I need to keep working on calming my mind and body. That I need to keep working to open my 3rd eye, and that I shouldnโ€™t worry about love right now. It will find me when it is time for it to find me & that will be when I am OK with my mind and body.


    Thank you very much for your reading, it was very clear and helped me very much. You were clear and assertive with the words, the justifications were really well funded. Many thanks for the reading and keep up with the good work.

    Barbara M

    Thank you very much for providing that insight regarding our situation and putting words to those things that were bothering me

    Susan S

    I have gave you the 5 stars as you informed me a little about yourself which made me feel at ease to be able to continue to the reading. You told me what cards you had drawn which showed me that you had took your time and energy. You gave me the meanings which helped me to understand. The reading was as if you knew us both and you were talking to me the same as what my friends would speak to me to help me understand. A found this reading very interesting and informative. As I previously said I am now trying to reconnect with my spirit guides and I'm now open for them to return as I'm not afraid of them any more. Thank you

    Isma P

    Thank you very much!! Your help and answer are very much apreciated. All the best


    Thank you for the reading and itโ€™s quite spot on with regards to competition, while glad to know that it doesnโ€™t amount to more than that. For the other cards, they offer good insight and especially the last one AND the reminder to appreciate the here an now!

    Melissa S

    Thank you for your time and insight on my situation. I really did like your reading. It was detailed but not overwhelming. Overall it was wonderful, Thank you.


    Thank you so much. My reading was very much on the money. I will do what is required of me. Take care,


    Thank you very much. I appreciate your insight and will work on my chakra. Many blessings to you.

    Tiffany R

    Impressiveโ€ฆ your reading for my present situation was accurate, thank you!!

    Crystal G

    First, thank you so much for my reading. You hit on every emotion I have been feeling, like Iโ€™ve sat and talked to you for hours over this. Thank you for the positive nudge forward in this path. I needed the extra boost of confidence.


    Thank you so, so much! You were the only one who broke the โ€˜sociallyโ€™ and the โ€˜politicallyโ€™ correctness and told me exactly how it is. Cannot thank you enough!


    Well Katy that was a VERY good reading..not necessarily what i wanted to hear of course but very tuned in on the situation. My reading was truly amazing. Spot on. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for the amazing reading!


    Thank you for the reading Katy, it was very spot on. It is a relief to have my instincts confirmed as this is a very important and serious situation for me that has the potential to impact my life in a huge way.


    Iโ€™m very grateful for your help and compassion with this issue that has caused me so much distress. I love how your reading was so honest and went into the issue in such a deep manner, I found the reading 100% accurate. You gave straight advice in how I can approach this issue so thank you very much for the reading. I feel itโ€™s a blessing I had this reading with you, it was exactly what I needed! You are a very talented reader and I will get more readings done by you in the future.


    Katy my reading was spot on! Thank you. Iโ€™m so happy that better times are approaching. Many blessings to you.


    Thank you so much, you couldnโ€™t be more accurate about the current situation!! I'm amazed! Thank you very very much for giving clarity to my situation!!!


    wow majority resonated with me . Loved the subtext being answered in the questions .....Thank you Katy I will be back


    I cannot express enough how grateful I am for your insights. I am very much impressed by your tarot reading abilities. I will try to do my best to create the circumstances that would allow me to have what I want in my life. Thank you again.


    Thank you very much for your detailed reading. It was very clear and you described the person and the situation accurately. I am very happy with the outcome you saw!! Thank you once again and wishing you peace and light.


    The reading that Katy provided really felt personal and resonated deeply with me. Her reading was very intuitive and really dig into my problem. Highly recommended.


    I had a fantastic reading! There were areas brought into the reading that I did not mention and were on target. Some of the comments and suggestions were so intuitively correct that I had to hear it twice because I was in dis-belief! My reading brought suggestions to guide me to my own outcome and a sense of peace that what I was feeling wasnโ€™t all in my head! Thank you for such a helpful reading โ€“ really awesome read!


    My reading with Katy was highly satisfactory and enjoyable to watch on video. She is very professional in her presentation and her knowledge of tarot and innate talents shine right through! I was impressed that when she wanted more information on a subject she would persevere to discover more information for me. She also comes across as warm and caring. I will definitely call on her again.


    From the start to finish of my reading... Katy new exactly how I was feeling. Thank you for all your insight to my situation! Definitely highly recommend ๐Ÿ™‚


    Great reading with details. Your reading left me with hope for the future. Thank you!

    Megan Trippel

    Wow. Thats so true. Thank you so much. Verry accurate reading. Love Megan


    Your reading was quite accurate โ€“ Iโ€™ve been currently moving into a new situation in life and that has been my main focus right now (and itโ€™s a 3-year contract, so I find it very interesting that you mentioned the next 3 years). It is comforting to know that focusing my energy there is the right path to take. I will do my best to trust that a relationship will come along when the time is right and try not to give up on love. Thank you again for the wonderful reading. It was very clear, accurate as far as it can be now, and very comforting. I will be recommending you to my friends and I will be back!


    My reading was very accurate. Thank you so much. You are a very good intuitive tarot reader. Very reliable and spot on.


    Exactly what i needed here and really spoke to me deeply. Katy, thank you for giving me the gift of faith.

    Matt J

    Katy, I will definitely contact you again in the future and will be recommending you to others. You truly have a gift. Thank you so much.


    wow what an amazing reading, Katy was 100% on point! Thank you Katy I know which path I should take now ๐Ÿ™‚ I canโ€™t thank you enough!


    Thank you so so much Katy! I can see the light in the end of the tunnel now. You didnt't save even what could put me down and I appreciate that! I will certainly book a reading again! Thank you!

    Ruth Norris

    Spot on! Will re-review should I be able to find this truth on his phone. As I've left the shared house, I think this will be difficult. But everything you've said thus far is amazing!!!!


    Clear and complete reading. Addressed all my questions. Will connect back onc e the outcomes timeline occur. Thank you very much!


    Awesome! You nailed it! Thank you so much! !


    Wow. Only the second private reading I have had and Katy was spot on. I only discovered her a few weeks ago and her readings on YouTube have resonated with me more often than not and my private reading did not disappoint! She was kind and honest - particularly about my "love" situation and gave me much to think about. I really enjoy her style and the turnaround was very quick and her prices very reasonable. If you are thinking about a reading, I HIGHLY recommend Katy. I will reach out to her again. Thank you! Gail

    Jamicia Curtis

    Iโ€™m amazed at how spot on she was. Iโ€™m so glad I did this reading. You brought so much clarity and I feel at ease with a lot of aspects of my situation now. Thank you so much you have a customer for life!!!


    I have enjoyed this reading immensely. Katy gave me all the answers that I needed. Everything she said resonated with me perfectly. She confirmed gut feelings that I had and everything made sense. I really loved listening to her.


    Thank you for your reading. Very clear and pure.


    Katy's reading was astounding. She read the two people, and the situation that I asked of, with amazing accuracy. I am incredibly grateful for the clarity Katy has provided me with. I highly recommend a personal reading.


    I had 2 reading from her. It was a spot Iโ€™m on my relationship and my career really have jobs knocking on my doors not 1 but 2..I will return again

    Kathy A

    Katy's intuition is 100% .Thankyou

    Camille White

    Resonated with my situation totally. I have been seeing a therapist to work through some of the issues ive had my whole life. Truthfully w have been apart i had to leave after he left me in a sense. He swears love but i dont see it. I dont feel truth or loyalty. I would and did try and move mountains but he did not. I am an alcoholic i gave up sobriety that pain was horrific. Ive been sober now for over a year and ive never been able to verbally leave someone i have never demanded more in my life. But i do today all this strength can be used differently. I just have to walk through this with faith in what im feeling to be true. Still working on me. Thank you. This has been a long time coming. Ill be in touch for guidance on other issues . My job as a nurse is fulfilling but not now. Its been time but again that stuck old way of thinking has kept me there past time. Thank you so much.

    Wisuta P

    The way she read is amazing. Thanks for guidance.


    Katy. I do not know how you did it but you tapped into my energy exactly. Thank you for an insightful and reading done with tact, kindness and love. It is a painful truth but i am happy i heard it. Thank you!


    Thank you so much Katy Tarot. I felt every word and card you pulled; this reading will definitely help me through my current situation. The spirit guides are for sure with you, and I felt as if you connected with them specifically for me. The reading was spot on! I could sense the energy was flowing through you, I felt as if you could have kept going with the message, but I understand, I got exactly what I needed. I'm going to take the advice and move forward. I felt as if you opened a door that I had closed, and now I can see some light shinning through the door drawing me towards my true passion and love. Again, thank you and keep doing what you are doing, you are definitely saving souls and creating happiness in people lives. You deserve to be in the Tarot reading; I will keep you by my side and let others know how awesome you are! Piece, Love and Blessings!


    Thank for the reading.It resonated with my situation.Hope things will clear out out soon.


    Thank you Katy very much. You have an astounding gift. My third reading regarding same person and I so appreciate the clarity and guidance from spirit. Again, thank you.


    Thank you for the reading. Everything regarding the situation is accurate..

    Val Clemants

    Wow - Katy you are truly gifted. You have bought me peace and clarity. Thank you for the amazing reading!

    Elaine White

    Dear Katy. You were spot with my reading, if fact l was quite overwhelmed in your accurray and the way you connect with your spirt guides. I love your interupation and l feel your warmth coming through. Love and light to you and all you do. Elaine x


    Thank you so much for the amazing reading! It was so accurate & was just the insight I needed to hear!

    Kiana Jay

    Thank you so much! You were very open and honest with me during our reading. Your predictions are coming to pass now, I'm very grateful for your insights.

    Anzhelika Yankovskaya

    Katy, Thank you so much for the reading! Indeed it helped to clear questions I had. I'm very glad that I founded you online. From my heart, thank you for the reading.


    Hi Katy, your reading was spot on with our situation and cleared up some questions. The message from my mom was awesome and exactly how things happened and I did feel she was around me a lot still. Thank you so much!

    Michele Gorman

    Absolutely on target.thank you so much.looking for it all to come to be


    Fantastic. She is right on and knows my intent.


    Spot on! Some of the slightly negative aspects I already "knew" but it's good to get another confirmation. Considering how few background details you had, you could not have been closer & I only hope you are right about the good bits! I shall watch with hope! Bless


    Katy, thank you so much for your reading! It helped me a lot to understand my situation and what to do. Blessings


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